[Marxism] Correction - in Celia Hart article

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 27 14:11:22 MST 2004

Thanks to Fred Feldman and Kathleen Kelly, we've
caught a small but significant typographical error.

The second word in the first sentence of the essay
by Celia Hart just released was not 1955, as was
incorrectly stated in the original Spanish posting.

Of course, it made no sense, since Abel Santamaria,
Celia's uncle, could not have participated in the
founding of a newspaper which was published after
he had been tortured and murdered by the Batista
dictatorship. So the translation was correct, but
the date of 1955 was wrong. No one could of course
be a "future Moncadista" in 1955, two years after
the Moncada attack had in fact taken place.

Thanks to the alertness of our two readers this 
was caught. I called Celia Hart myself to clarify
and SON LOS MISMOS was, indeed, founded in 1952.
This has been corrected in the web-posting.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

In 1952, Raúl Gómez García, Jesús Montané and Abel
Santamaría, three future Moncadistas, started the
underground newspaper "Son los mismos" ("They are all the
same.") They would cleverly say that everybody in the enemy
camp belonged to the same group: the tyranny, the authentic
politicians, even those from the Orthodox Party. The two
last ones, due to their blindness or lack of loyalty. In
the end, all of them are useless for the country. I always
wondered who the other ones were. Those opposed to these
ones. Ever since then, I use these words when I want to
simplify about those who are not with the Man, for whatever
reason. They are all the same

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