[Marxism] the drug cartel II: making vaccines w/o people

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Hey Les,

You are probably aware that the technology isn't new... Insulin has been 
produced by g.m. bacteria for years. There are other old examples.


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>last month we discussed the shortage of flu vaccine in the US and how drug
>companies had opted out of the vaccine production business due to low profit
>now that a compmany using "old" technology has failed to deliver this years
>dose of drugs, vaccine shortages and fear exist, the venture capital spigot
>flows again.
>Protein Sciences Corp, a company nearby me in CT has been developing a 
>production scheme where the "incubator" is living cells rather than eggs.
>while it holds the promise for speedier development of vaccines without the
>problems like occured in the recent disruption, another feature is sure to
>attract investors. from the Washington Post:

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