[Marxism] Alexander

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Nov 28 08:12:48 MST 2004

Fascinating subject, outstanding director, and almost certainly watch
catching at some point.

It is just silly to seek in Alexander "the impulse to imperialism in
western political doctrines."  We don't really know much directly about
Alexander's politics and what we can infer from them has very little
distinctively western.  Alexander spread Hellenistic values and
standards, but how he did that didn't make him any different than the
rulers of early state societies from the Near East to China.

One measure of that distance between us is the matter of sexuality.
Realizing that the modern western world is hot to label these things,
it's just silly to slap a label like "bisexual" on Alexander, a term
that means nothing in the context of Alexander's world.  


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