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You must believe something similar. There is one word, "Imperialism," so
everything the word is used to refer to must be an example of that one
"real" and eternal "Imperialism."  Nonsense.

Marx's critique of capitalism was based on his understanding of the 
historical development of human societies, their rise and fall, based on the mode of 
production, its development and decay in a series of never-ending processes. 
Whilst the mode of production changed in each epoch, the formation of a ruling 
class in whose hands the mode of production was controlled did not. Thus 
imperialism, whether in the time of Alexander the Great, the Roman, Ottoman, British 
and, now, US empire, can be said to be an aspect of the ambition and reach of 
ruling elites competing for resources, land, trade routes, markets, power and 
prestige. Regardless of the mode of production, the impulse which drives the 
desire for conquest - human greed - has remained a constant throughout human 
history and will only be extinguished when the aforementioned ruling elites and 
the greed by which they govern have  been replaced by world socialism 
according to the principle of human solidarity and cooperation.

Marx's conception of such a world would never have been arrived at without 
his understanding of history as a series of interconnected processes and, 
accordingly, the desirability of Communism as the highest mode of existence to which 
humanity can aspire.

In short, US imperialism, its development and inevitable decline, finds its 
antecedent in that which has gone before.


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