[Marxism] So it won't be a Leninist party-right?Toes spread part 2

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Mon Nov 29 15:42:12 MST 2004

I read the Cochranite piece and the "Barnes" speech, both of which contain many good points. As a Trotskyist I have to grapple with the question of why my movement's history is plagued with splits -- and I don't have any clue yet (but I'm working on it). Having said that I feel it's fair to ask Louis why isn't he in Solidarity, whose organizational conception is Cochranite?

-- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
jerry foster wrote:
>  Louis-I want to Think it over and read it over -but
> what I got from a qiuck first reading was that it
> won't be a Vanguard party-Right? Jerry

No, it will be a vanguard party. But in order to develop a true 
vanguard, Marxists will have to dispense with "vanguardist" misconceptions.

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