OFFLIST:re: Re: [Marxism] " The only democracy in the Middle East !! "

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Mon Nov 29 18:29:47 MST 2004

"alexander locascio" <berlinal at> replied offlist to me with the below. I'm posting it here to serve him and the list notice that we don't need Zionists replying offlist -- let them reply on the list so members can judge their crap.
You wrote:

>This would be shocking if we didn't remember that the Israeli ruling party's founders collaborated with the fascists >explicitly
Uh, so did the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.  By your reasoning then, it shouldn’t surprise us that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion enjoys such wide circulation under Palestinians.
Of course, most American leftists don’t even know this.  Thank god I’ve lived the past four years in Germany, where the issues of historical culpability actually forces people to research this shit, rather than getting spoonfed by Leni Brenner.
As the great banner of Anti-Fascist Action Berlin puts it:
Solidarity with Israel!  For Communism!


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