[Marxism] Massive miners rally in Ukraine said to denounce opposition "saboteurs"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Nov 29 22:04:22 MST 2004

I have no idea how reliable these figures are.  I would like to find out
more about this event, which I assume had some government sponsorship.
I see nothing in the opposition to suggest that it would represent an
improvement over the present situation which is, of course, lousy.  

The Ukraine sounds like it may be one of the situations that are hyped
to the skies by the Western media in hopes that an international wall of
noise may topple a regime when those favored by the US may not have
enough backing on the ground to do the job.  Example: Zimbabwe. 

Any report of mass labor activity in this area is worth knowing more
about, although the sentiments attributed to the miners are traditional
Stalin-style boilerplate.
Fred Feldman


Itar-Tass November 27, 2004 


DONETSK - Nearly two and a half million people, more than half of the
population of the Donetsk region, took part in protest rallies on
Saturday in response to a call by the region's Civil forum. 

More than 200,000 people gathered on Lenin Square in Donetsk demanding
an end to the lawlessness of Viktor Yuschenko who proclaimed himself to
be the president of Ukraine in total disregard for the opinion of 15
million Ukrainians. 

"If the Donbass region is calm today, it doesn't mean that it's going to
say its weighty word tomorrow," the demonstrators said. 

The participants in the rallies demanded holding a referendum on
proclaiming Donbass an autonomous region if a state coup in Ukraine
became a reality. 

The mayors of 31 mining towns in Ukraine's Donbass region resolutely
condemned the actions of the supporters of opposition candidate Viktor
Yushchenko earlier on Saturday. The Association of the mining towns of
the Donbass region has passed an appeal to Ukraine's supreme power. "The
stage directors of the 'Nasha Ukraina' (Our Ukraine) party have been
calling on its electorate rudely and cynically in breach of all the
norms of a civilized humane society to stage a pre-planned state coup.
They have been befuddling their voters with irresponsible statements and
promises of 'paradise' in Ukraine," the Association said in its

"Having started from actions in support of 'their' presidential
candidate, they are easily transferring them to a bloody inter-ethnic
war. Our candidate, who represents the Donbass region, won the election
and was ahead of his rival by three percent. We demand respect for the
opinion of millions of Donbass residents and the civil position of a
region which is a donor to many other parts of Ukraine," the statement
went on to say. 

"We are for single and undivided Ukraine without saboteurs and
instigators who are nudging the population to civil disobedience. We
demand calling the brash directors orchestrating this lawlessness to
order and ask them to answer for the violations of the laws and
Constitution of Ukraine without dividing Ukraine in 'East' and 'West'". 

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