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Lueko Willms wrote:
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> LP> Sad that Alex Locascio would get sucked into Zionism. He's the only
> LP> leftist I know that has moved in that direction in recent years,
> LP> except for Jared Israel. At least Jared has the excuse of being nuts.
>    Here in Germany there are some more like this.
>    One might find people calling themselves "Communists" and rejoicing  
> about the conquest of Iraq, the assasination campaign of the Israeli  
> government or the bombing campaign of the British and US airforce  
> against German cities in the previous world war.
>    But this most scurrilous form is rare.
I presume your speaking of the "Antideutschen". For those of you 
unfamiliar with German politics, this tendency, grouping or whatever has 
its roots in the autonomist movement (some Stalinist influence too, I 
believe) and is so opposed to German imperialism, which it sees as the 
most dangerous form of imperialism, that it supports the USA in its 
attempts at world hegemony (presumably to prevent German hegemony - I've 
never really worked out the reasoning) and gives unconditional support 
to Israel because for a German to criticise Jews in any way at all must 
by its very nature be anti-semitic (again there is a gap in the logic 
that I've ever quite fathomed).

They have (or rather had in one case) a number of influential journals - 
KONKRET (if my memory is correct) and Jungle World (they even give one 
of their major mouthpieces a non-German name) which thankfully recently 
went bankrupt. The anti-semitism accusation has been used here again and 
again to undermine anti-imperialist and anti-war movements.

Einde O'Callaghan (German resident)

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