[Marxism] Occupation forces losing control

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Tue Nov 30 22:23:26 MST 2004

Don't discount a marriage of convenience between an incoming Shia 
government and Washington, and subsequent detente between Washington and 
Iran, or at least a follow-up to overtures by "moderate" Shia sectors in 
Iran. If a Shia administration in Iraq is accepted by Bush, the pending 
Iran conflict will almost certainly go on the back burner. And if it isn't, 


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> > But note that later in the same article, Patrick Cockburn states his 
> opinion that the Shia population seems to be losing sympathy or patience 
> with the Sunni resistance, in comparison with the attitude of support 
> that was commonly reported during the April events of this year- 
> evidently many of the casualties to the resistance seem to be Shia.  If 
> this is the case, then the resistance may be increasingly contained 
> within the so-called Sunni Triangle. Steve
>This point is well-taken. However, the other side of this is a
>potentially much sharper fight down the road when the USA is forced to
>deal with a Shiite government that comes to power through US-sponsored
>elections. I can't imagine Washington allowing a second Iran in the
>Mideast. It is practically declaring war on the first.

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