[Marxism] Again -- what are the Cubans saying about Schiavo case?

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Apr 1 00:33:36 MST 2005

I am very curious about what the Cuban media or Cubans in Cuba are
saying about the Schiavo case? Have they joined the rallying of the left
against the right on these issues?  Generally, the Cuban media lend a
certain moral support to the left in the United States when this kind of
left-right line-up takes place here?

How does the Cuban medical system proceed on these matters? Cuban women
can have abortions at any time for any reason. Is there a "right to die"
in Cuba? 

I note this because the anti-abortion right has insistently claimed that
such a generalized "right" flows inevitably from support for women's
right to abortion? The Catholic Church pushes this argument as they try
to pass off their rejection and fear of women's rights as a kind of
radical pacifist "reverence for life."  

And I think some on  the left are being won over to their argument that
a "right to die" necessarily flows from women's right to abortion, and
that without a "right to die," there can be no abortion rights for

These questions do not affect the justness of Michael Schiavo's side in
the dispute. He acted completely responsibly, making a hard choice in
painful circumstances.  And it took him eight years to make up his mind
that his wife's "life" was over from a human standpoint. He did his duty
as he saw it, regardless of whether she possessed (let alone exercised)
a "right to die."

Whatever the Cubans may say, I can guarantee  there will be no frothing
about Papists, pimps for the papists, and papist plots. 
Fred Feldman

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