Of papists and popes was Re: [Marxism] Again -- what are the Cuban s saying about Schiavo case?

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Fri Apr 1 06:37:08 MST 2005

Speaking of doing damage to the church(es): the joint press conference of Christians, Jews and Muslims opposing the rights of lesbians and gays to hold an event in Jerusalem can only be good in exposing ALL religion as obscurantist slime!

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"Whatever the Cubans may say, I can guarantee  there will be 
no frothing about Papists, pimps for the papists, and papist 
Fred Feldman

I should hope not! And speaking of which the present pope is 
on his last legs as we say in Ireland.

Now I personally will be sorry to see him go.  He did such 
damage to the Church.  I could only ever fantasize about 
being that deadly.


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