[Marxism] Re: Kyrgyzstan 'Regime Change' Masterminded By West

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Fri Apr 1 10:22:58 MST 2005

I concur with Louis' objections. Here's an additional "why", supplied by 
viewpoints from Turkey.

Short background first: Since the worst economic crisis of Turkey triggered 
back in February 2001 (its dynamics had been unfolding since 1999, but 
that's another story), a reactionary, fascist, but loose and yet weak 
coalition of political organizations emerged in Turkey. This coalition is 
comprised of so-called "Kemalist-left" organizations (led by the ex-Maoist, 
pro-Army, "scientific socialist" Workers Party), fascist parties like the 
Nationalist Action Party and the more Islamist Grand Unity Party, and 
various other smaller nationalist associations. A number of retired Army 
officers (and probably some active ones, too), a score of right-wing media 
strategists and columnists, and a good number of academics from 
conservative Anatolian universities supply ideological ammunition to this 
coalition. Basically a secular-nationalist attitude against EU and US 
imperialism, enmeshed with anti-Kurdish, anti-Armenian and anti-Arab 
racism, reinforced with a pan-Turkist ideology (sympathetic to Turkey 
Turks' "racial brothers" in ex-Soviet republics, not to mention in Northern 
Iraq) unites this loose coalition. The Left has dubbed them the "Red Apple 
Coalition", after the Turkish racist myth where the desire for unification 
of all Turkic tribes in the world is represented by the Red Apple.

These organizations are also (to varying degrees) affiliated with the 
"Eurasian Movement", in pursuit of a Turkey which is, against EU and US 
imperialism, to be made part of a "Great Eurasia". Especially the Workers 
Party (the category "national socialist" eerily fits them) respect the 
writings of figures like Alexander Dugin (see: 

Immediately after the Kyrgyzstan coup, these fascists began to spin 
"Western involvement" stories from their wicked perspective, not paying any 
attention to the inner dynamics of the region. My point is not about 
blindly solidarizing with the topplers of the petty tyrants of Turkic 
republics (yet personally, I would love to see that other psychotic 
asshole, Sepermurad Turkmenbasi, dictator of Turkmenistan, go down in 
flames). But one needs the facts and as Louis was saying, one's own toolbox 
to make sense of the facts.

If all one can do is to sit in front of the screen in North America and try 
to filter truths out of right-wing propaganda, or try to pick out the tiny 
sparks of progressive analysis, then one should be careful about passing 
judgment on other distant peoples' struggles.

Emrah Goker

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