[Marxism] Re: Kyrgyzstan 'Regime Change' Masterminded By West

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Apr 1 13:13:50 MST 2005

davidquarter at sympatico.ca wrote:

> Unlike Lou, right, who never posts from the NyTimes without critical commentary...


you don't seem to get Lou's point. Yes he occasionally posts from the 
NYTimes without critical comment.

But, that's ok, because he often posts lengthy commentaries on various 
topics, engages with people in debate, and so forth.

What you are missing is that Lou, and I, for starters, have yet to see 
you contribute any such kind of discussion or discussion starter to the 
list. quite independently of Lou but almost simulataneously, i found 
myself getting ready to write you and say almost verbatim what Lou has 
written, which is to please __talk to us__ once in a while and stop 
hammering us with cross-posts.

and be advised there is good precedent for Lou's comments to you. 
several other people have shown up on this list doing a similar thing. 
Lou called them on it. and at least one of those people have since 
started writing their own analysis in addition to cross-posting. and now 
this comrade is routinely listed in people's "top 5 posters". and his 
posts are better formatted now too.

my advice to you -- if you give a shit -- is to stop yelling for a while 
and get some of us up to speed on your take on things, how you analyze 
stuff, and so forth. in other words, engage people for a while. enough 
with the fighting: you're not engaged enough with people here to make 
shouting matches an essential contribution to the list. see the threads 
on Schiavo for examples of heated words between people who have also 
been debating constructively for a long while.

les schaffer

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