[Marxism] "Hypocrites" (Terri Schaio article in Juventud Rebelde)

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Fri Apr 1 15:21:18 MST 2005

This is a discussion of the case of Terri Schaivo which
was published in Juventud Rebelde a week before she died.
Graphics are available in the web-posted version of this.)


Friday, March 25, 2005 

By Lázaro L. Fariñas* 
*Cuban Journalist based in Miami 

A CubaNews Translation
Edited by Walter Lippmann

[As predicted by specialists, Schiavo 
died Thursday March 30, 2005. wl]

When one witnesses how lies, deceptions and political
maneuverings use the rein of power to interfere in purely
family matters, one realizes how sick that society is. The
US Congress, controlled by the Republican Party in both
chambers, held an extraordinary session last Sunday to
hurriedly pass a law dealing with a family drama which
courts in the State of Florida have long been trying to

It involves the case of Terry Schiavo, a brain-damaged
woman who, fifteen years ago, had an accident that caused
her to fall into a persistent vegetative state, in which
she had to be artificially fed with no hopes whatsoever for

For more than seven years, state courts have been dealing
with a savage feud between Shiavo’s husband and parents
over deciding whether to keep her artificially alive or to
disconnect her. Terri Schiavo's husband favoured
disconnection, which was also the decision of the jury who
took into consideration the doctors’ advice. Nonetheless,
her parents wanted to keep her alive. Court decisions were
constantly interfered with by political maneuvers by the
Governor of the State of Florida until the case was taken
to the Supreme Court, where the judicial order was finally
decreed two weeks ago.

When Terry Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed in Tampa, the
[U.S.] Congress, under orders from President George W.
Bush, met in Washington, to rush through a bill that would
give federal courts jurisdiction in the case, hoping to get
a different outcome. The Congress spent Sunday night
debating the law and early in the morning, President George
W. Bush returned from his ranch in Crawford, Texas to sign

Why have Republicans created such excitement to revoke a
judicial order from Florida courts? Why does a President,
who has ratified so many death sentences as governor of
Texas, care about the life of a person who was clinically a
vegetable? Why does an administration whose death toll in
Iraq amounts to thousands dare declare that it is
“concerned” about the life of a woman?

In the House of Representatives, a Democratic congresswoman
repeatedly refuted Republican arguments used to justify the
enactment of this absurd law. She detailed the tortuous
legal path that the case has undergone during the past
seven years. Nevertheless, Republican congressmen paid no
attention to her, as they had already made up their minds,
despite being fully aware of the truth and the actual
condition of Terry Schiavo.

The approval of this law was nothing but political
gamesmanship for the forthcoming mid-term elections; an
effort to please the ultra-right fundamentalists who had
supported the Republicans during last year’s elections,
with the hope that they would lend their support again next

The tragic case of Terry Schiavo and her family’s suffering
should never have been used as political weapons by a party
who repeatedly lies – nor by a president who was so
unscrupulous as to sign a law in 2005 that goes directly
against one he had signed while governor of Texas in 1999.

According to the law signed by Bush in 1999, which is still
in effect, medical doctors are empowered to disconnect any
patient from the equipment that keeps them alive if they
consider that patient has no possibility of recovery.
According to this law, the doctor’s decision overpowers the
will of the patient’s family.

“Hypocrites” is the only suitable word to describe the
Republican Congress and the current US president.


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