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> It survived because it was a celebration of Protestant triumphalism. They 
> were celebrating the failure of the plot. That's why they burn the guy, 
> i.e. an effigy of Guy Fawkes. Actually in the town of Lewes they 
> traditionally don't burn a guy, they still burn an effigy of the pope!

I will do an excercise in historical self-aggrandizing.

I am a direct descendant of Robert Catesby on my mother's side.

In case you don't now who the guy was, he was *the* leader of the Gunpowder 
Plot, and Guy Fawkes' commander. They burn effigies of him too, along with 
that of the other plotters. The only reason Guy Fawkes is more famous is 
because he endured incredible torture before even giving up any other plot 

I actually visited the room in which the Plot was concocted, in 1987 in the 
way former family estate.

And Catesbys in the UK couldn't vote until the 1980s, so quit the Protestant 
whining. Yeah, papism sucks, but you fucking heretics are not one iota 


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