[Marxism] Kyrgyzstan and the others.

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Sun Apr 3 03:21:16 MDT 2005

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From: "Michael Costello" <ctcimpex at btconnect.com>

> In Ukraine those calling themselves Communists took no position on the 
> contest between Kuchma and Yushchenko, for instance.

I have but a very passing interest in this debate (althought very interested 
in the question, of course!), so I wont comment on the rest of your 

Yet the above statement is completely false.

All of the real leftist organizations in the Ukraine had varied, but 
specific positions on this question. Some very actively and vocally 
supported either side, including in the mainstream press.

I suggest you ask over at leftist_trainspotters at yahoogroups.com, which has 
some people quite knowledgeable on the Ukraine there (and even an ukrainian 
or two) - and who uncovered the CWI-Ukraine scamming everyone from the SPGB 
to the SLP-US -.

There were some rather interesting info on those events when they happened.


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