[Marxism] Iraqi fighters attack Abu Ghraib prison, 20 US troops injured

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Sun Apr 3 03:56:03 MDT 2005

20 US troops Injured in mass Abu Ghraib attack

Jordan Times, April 3, 2005

BAGHDAD (Reuters) — Dozens of Iraqi resistance fighters mounted a 
sustained attack on Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad on Saturday, 
detonating two suicide car bombs and firing rocket-propelled grenades 
before US troops repelled the assault.

At least 20 US soldiers and 12 detainees were  wounded in the carefully 
planned attack, which began at around 1500 GMT  and lasted for around 
an hour, the US military said. "A group of  between 40 and 60 
resistance fighters attacked the US forward operating base at Abu  
Ghraib," Lieutenant Colonel Guy Rudisill, spokesman for detainee  
affairs, told Reuters.

"They detonated two VBIEDs [suicide car bombs]  and also fired 
rocket-propelled grenades into the prison camp... it was a  sustained 
attack," he said. Mortars and small arms fire were also  directed 
towards the prison, on Baghdad's western edge. "The attacks  were 
intermittent. They would fire RPGs and then stop, then they would  
attack again," Rudisill said. US forces responded with heavy weapons,  
eventually bringing the situation under control. It was not known how 
many  Iraqi fighters were wounded or killed in the battle.

Witnesses said the second car bomb was detonated  against US forces as 
they were trying to evacuate casualties from the  first. US troops 
sealed the prison grounds. It was not believed any Iraqi  resistance 
fighters penetrated the perimeter.

Abu Ghraib, notorious for the US prisoner abuse  scandal that emerged 
last year, is one of three US-run detention  facilities in Iraq and 
holds around 2,000 prisoners.

The jail has been attacked in the past, but the  latest assault was 
believed to be the largest and most determined. It is  also the first 
against the prison for some time.

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