[Marxism] Posada in the libelight again

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(Readers here should pay attention to the remarkable way
in which we're going to see this terrorist turned into a
freedom fighter in Miami over the coming weeks and months.

(Readers may wish to also read Max Lesnik's commentary:
Posada Carilles: A Hot Potato which was posted earlier:
http://www.walterlippmann.com/docs103.html )

April 1, 2005
Posada in the limelight again 
By Marina Menéndez Quintero 

A CubaNews translation by Ana Portela


This isn’t news anymore and the shady legal dealings
announced is another song and dance for the sake of
appearances. Nothing: that neither Luis Posada Carriles
must have arrived in US territory two days ago, nor that
legality in that country will not be so just and strict as
to deny him – officially, I say – cover.

Who could think that a man to whom Washington owes so 
much dirty work would have to stand trial threatened 
by deportation, as claimed in Miami now?

At least, it should be recognized that after such impudence
a poor attempt is made to keep the form. It is not a sudden
attack of shame but, possibly, a necessary evil imposed by
the cronies of the Empire. Bush’s anti-terrorist crusade
has suffered too many moral setbacks for the U.S. to give
Posada another denial of his dubious libertarian role. Now
the Mafia has to stage another of its dramas.

These are the thoughts caused by the propagandistic
apparatus that has been set up over the alleged revelation
of his presence in Miami. Backstage it is easy to notice
that all they want is to get him out of a clandestine mode
and “legalize” his presence.

Posada, probably, has been there for a long time since a
mysterious US-registered plane took off secretly from the
San Pedro Sula airport in Honduras, the night of August 25,
allegedly, with a man on board.

Just a few hours after the treacherous, anti-constitutional
and shameful pardon by Mireya Moscoso that ignored the
efforts of the just, after a trial in the Panamanian
capital that was constantly obstructed and threatening
flight. Less famous but not less criminal, the right-wing,
anti-Cuban, Gaspar Jiménez Escobedo, Pedro Remón and
Guillermo Novo Sampoll, his buddies in the frustrated
attempt against the life of Fidel and thousands of students
in the university hall, roamed the streets of the capital.
But Posada’s boasting and impunity, confessed and happy
mastermind of the bombing of a Cubana passenger plane in
mid-flight in 1976 and other assassinations.

With this background the declarations of his “colleagues”
to get him lawyers to prevent immigration authorities from
deporting him, his ironic smile provokes complete

The farce, however, announces even funnier moments, when it
seems that finding the legal loopholes, Posada will have to
reach for the Cuban Adjustment Act, signed by the US
government to promote illegal emigration while denying
visas and has also been a rather overt form of aggression
based, as always, on immorality.

As if the Act could be considered legal and Posada was a
vulgar mortal not a henchman of this group that has applied
pressure on the White House for more than 40 years to
maintain the hostile attitude and siege of the Island.

The lawyer Willy Allen, as part of the stage set, has
assured that “the case has options and is going to be very
interesting” – a source of the New Herald reported – as if
he were, in truth, at the doors of a complicated legal

And to prevent anyone from being amazed at how easy it will
be, he announced that Posada could request a “special
pardon” and citizenship relying on the immoral history of
having served in the U.S. army in the sad and instructive
Vietnam War.

But, where did the funds come from that bought the signed
last minute pardon by Moscoso? Who has protected Posada to

With these questions answered, the announcement is pure
stage nonsense; an absurd comedy that cannot hide the
impunity: that payoff that the master squanders for his
most noted salaried terrorists. There the farce ends and
the tragedy comes to light.

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