[Marxism] No Democracy in SWP an Exageration

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 3 12:21:15 MDT 2005

Mark Lause <MLause at cinci.rr.com> wrote: 
>. At one point, a handful of us tallied up over 150
>full-timers working for the SWP, the YSA, the publishing operation, the
>antiwar movement, the abortion rights coalitions, the campus coalitions,
etc., etc. .

Mark L.

Figure 35 local, regional, district organizers and another 35 working in the print shop, that leaves 80. What did 80 full timers have to do in an organization of 1500 (including the YSA, circa 1981)? Nobody seems to know.


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