[Marxism] Utah problems

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Apr 4 12:58:07 MDT 2005

On Monday 04 April 2005 14:35, Louis Proyect wrote:

> Les and I are looking into what would be involved in running the list from
> either DSL or cable. If comrades have any suggestions about finding a home
> for the list on a server with a T1 connection, or even DSL or cable (as
> long as it can host an email server), please contact Les or me privately.

our needs: web and email server; we would like root access to the machines and 
ability to restart  server if it goes down, which is why we are starting to 
look into co-location possibilities as backup for Hans' server. i am checking 
my current cable modem provider to see if i can run email and web servers, 
but have my doubts they will accept this arrangement.

I am looking into a virtual server, see here:


tihis is an interesting set up. it is a farm of linux machines, with a special 
OS that runs in such a way as to provide numerous virtual servers. we could 
have our own IP address, it runs whatever software we put on there, email and 
web, the whole nine yards.

the only issue of concern to me is that if no one hits the mail or web servers 
for a while, our "virtual server" gets swapped to disk, and there is a slight 
latency when a new hit comes in. 

does anyone here have experience running a web and email server on a redwood 
virtual? i would be very interested to hear experience with this setup as it 
is DIRT CHEAP, and provides everything Lou and i would be looking for should 
the current list server disappear on us.

les schaffer

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