[Marxism] Peter Camejo on the crisis in the Green Party

Jon Flanders jonflanders at jflan.net
Mon Apr 4 20:39:28 MDT 2005

> If you treated the Cobbites the same way you treat us "from the sects", 
> maybe, just maybe, the entrails would give a better prognosis. Why don't we 
> all go into the Socialist Party?

Why don't we all go into the Socialist Labor Party or the Spartacist
League? The SLP, in particular ought to be ripe for the picking.

The reason some of us orient to the Nader/Camejo supporters is that the
last time I checked, they attracted hundreds of organizers, thousands of
supporters and hundreds of thousands of voters in opposition to the
political domination of the Democrats and Republicans.

To paraphrase Willie Sutton, "its where the people are."

But I guess that doesn't matter to you, since you already have the
script written.

Jon Flanders

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