[Marxism] Re: Patronizing Misrepresentation

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 5 10:30:15 MDT 2005

Carlos Rivera wrote:
>It is time for a popular front, yes, but it is also time to speak 
>fearlessly and approach liberals openly and on equal footing. We must 
>scream "We are Reds, We are Here!" as part of a wider movement. We
>challenge militant liberalism, not trail behind it.

The ability of human beings to blithely disregard self-contradiction is sometimes wonderful,
sometimes miserable, and always astounding.  So... we are going to proclaim ourselves red,
like a baboon's ass? and at the same time endorse, support, become of a popular front?  A
popular front being in practice a cross-class formation where a real class, red, program dealing
with the organization of production and property is, just to keep the color analogy straight, 

We need a popular front?  Another exercise in failure, disorganization, and defeat?  Hell, we
can get all that and more without a popular front.  Or maybe we can't.  Maybe proclaiming ourselves
red while supporting, and enforcing, white programs is exactly the kind of "progress" capital needs
to pave the way for the ultimate saviour of capital, pre-emptive counterrevolution?

Program is the issue.  Historically, the "left," Marxists organized and not, have disembowled them-
selves on the sword of "broad based coaliton," "lowest common denominator,"  protests, giving
platform and power to celebrities from the established, temporarily disaffected, ruling strata.  Like
Democrats on the platform at anti-war protests.  ANY Democrats, Jesse Jackson included.

That's where we make the first cut.


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