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Roots of the Pro-Israel Harrassment Campaign at Columbia University

"Mark Roberts"

It is a fact that the constant denial of justice and the justification
of anything that Israel does has turned Columbia and NY in general into
the last self-delusional haven for zealots. It is precisely when this
area of "safety" was beginning to be eroded by more students coming to
terms with reality that these pro-Israeli students (and those who were
behind them) started running out of arguments, felt increasingly
cornered and had to turn to the ultimate argument, "stifling of voices",
and eventually, sooner or later this had to be pronounced, "anti-Semitism".

The ADL has decisively contributed to the debate. That the ADL
intervened in the matter and solicited "punishment" against professors
offering different views not in accord with Zionist myths to President
Bollinger suggests that these students were not that "silenced" or
"discriminated". The production of a video by a Boston-based pro-Israel
group shows that these students have decided to take recourse to outside
sources to vent their frustrations. These outside sources possess
considerable resources in their campaign to smear Columbia University.

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Student Protest Prevents CIA Recruiting Rvent at New York University

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field and Sam Pipp

A planned CIA recruiting event at New York University (NYU) was
cancelled after the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) called a protest
demanding the CIA abandon its recruiting program at NYU. 20 hours before
the recruiting event was scheduled to begin, its organizers sent an
email to all those who had registered, headlined, "The CIA Speaker Event
scheduled for Thursday, March 31 @6PM has been CANCELLED due to the
possibility of a protest by the Campus Antiwar Network."

The event -- which was scheduled to include speakers from the CIA, a
dinner, and a raffle for prizes such as an iPod Shuffle -- was organized
by students in an NYU marketing class whose classwork for the semester
is to market the CIA to their peers at NYU. They will be graded on their
efforts; the CIA, which provided them a $2500 budget for their project,
retains ownership of the marketing campaign they create. The CIA hired
the company EdVenture Partners to broker this arrangement.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Ground/Field040605.html>

UCSC Students Kick Recruiters Off Campus

Erin, UCSC Students Against War

Earlier today, about 300 UC Santa Cruz students led by Students Against
War (SAW) kicked Army, Navy and Marine Corps recruiters out of the
annual Career Center Job Fair, marking yet another success for the
nation-wide counter-military recruitment campaign.

Joined by Watsonville's Brown Berets, SAW protesters gathered for a
rally at the campus bookstore and occupied the streets in a
traffic-stopping procession up to the Stevenson Event Center where the
Job Fair was being held. Students were motivated by fiery speeches about
the racist, sexist, classist and heterosexist biases of the military,
all of which are in violation of the UC Santa Cruz's non-discrimination

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Does the U.S. Really Need a Bigger Military?: "Progressive" Democrats
Sound Like Conservative Republicans

Kevin Zeese

The debate over the size of the military inside-the-beltway is how to
increase the number of troops by 100,000, not whether to do so. At a
recent debate on the draft sponsored by the Center for American
Progress, the views range from reinstating the draft to enhancing
economic incentives to increase enlistment.

Rather than questioning the administration's policy of preemptive
strikes, or the vast size of the military industrial complex or urging
cuts in the wasteful, redundant defense budget which consumes half the
federal budget's discretionary spending, the inside-the-beltway crowd's
analysis starts from the U.S. needing a larger military to achieve its
foreign policy and economic agenda.

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