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In my opinion, Richard, you are ignoring the imperialist aspect of the
question, the role of Japanese and US interests in avoiding a settlement of
this national question through reunification with the People's Republic of

But just for the sake of argument: what is the scholarship you are reading
on the issue of Taiwan? What evidence is there for the claims you are


Response Jim C: Who needs evidence and scholarship? And actually having 
produced one's own tangible scholarship and evidence on a given subject 
based upon actual praxis and direct contact with the subject? No need for 
some on this and other such lists. Just write and summarily assert 
whatever, and, if anyone disagrees, then just label them a...Stalinist, 
Trotskyite, Menshevik, Kautskyite, petit-bourgeois, liberal, social 
democrat or whatever. And why make revolution where one actually is and 
lives when one can direct and run so many other revolutions of other 
Peoples, risk-free and from the comfort of the office/home and ergonomic 
keyboard even if one has never been to that nation and even if one does not 
speak the language (so that one can have real grass-roots investigations 
before writing/speaking on a subject) of the nation whose revolution is 
being directed by some smug, know-it-all "cyber-warriors".

What makes a nation is a matter of facts on the ground and international 
law--pure and simple. Recognition or non-recognition by any other 
recognized nations has nothing to do with whether or not a given group of 
people constitute a "People" or Nation; were it not so, any group of people 
could be simply extinguished and/or have their basic national rights 
abridged or denied through simple non-recognition as is so often done 
anyway. Taiwan never has and never will constitute a separate nation under 
the most fundamental tests under international law of what constitutes a 
nation. And all of this discussion about when and under what arrangements 
Taiwan has been occupied--and separated from China-- in the past by various 
imperialist powers but not one mention of the actual name in Chinese of 
Taiwan--Liu Quo--and how far back that name goes indicating Taiwan as a 
longstanding and an unalienable part of China.

In his play "The White Plague" by Sean O'Casey, one of his characters 
noted: "Nothing is so passionate as a vested interest disguised as an 
intellectual conviction." A lot of this discussion, in my opinion, is 
nothing but the old sectarian battles (Trotskyites versus "Maoists" and 
"Stalinists" and Anarchists or even other Trotskyites--or the 
reverse--being dressed-up as some kind of serious or 
worth-serious-considering "analysis".

Jim Craven

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