[Marxism] Re: Leftist Hero David Horowitz Comes to David Corn'sAid...say what?

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Apr 7 14:41:27 MDT 2005

M Junaid Alam states:
Corn got canned from speaking in Arkansas for having anti-Bush ads on 
his website by a state functionary, and Horowitz intervenes on his 
behalf. How does this square with Horowitz being part of the mafia thug 
hit squad going after Massad et al. at Columbia and Churchill at 
Colorado? If I was Corn I'd be feeling a little ashamed, like when 
Emerson was thrown in jail and Thoreaeu asked "what are you doing in 
jail", to wihch he responded "what are you doing *out* of jail?"

Fred Feldman comments:
In the anti-Churchill "left" camp, it is being claimed that Horowitz has
opposed the attempt to fire Churchill, this being cited to prove that
Churchill is not an "orthodox" leftist, and therefore not entitled to
"orthodox" left support.

Of course, if Horowitz decides to support anyone's democratic rights,
that is fine with me. Its certainly not going to convince me that free
speech is a bad idea.  

But does Alam have facts about Horowitz's role in the attack on
Fred Feldman

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