[Marxism] Brazil Cardinal Slams Lula's Views On Abortion, Gay Rights

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(For the Lula-bashers on Marxmail. But the way, as this is
being written, Fidel Castro has been speaking about the 
Pope, religion and their relations with the Revolution, and
defending Marxism-Leninism against critics for the past hour 
and a half.)


Today The Financial Times ran an article describing what a pain Spain
has become for the Catholic Church, with the archbishop of Madrid referring
to Madrid as "Sodom and Gomorrah."

The Church is more than a little upset that Zapatero's "first measure as 
prime minister was to scrap the introduction of compulsory religious

Does the cardinal's fire and brimstone make Zapatero's government any
less capitalist, any more revolutionary, any less hostile to revolution?  Of
course not.  

And the Church's apoplexy does not mean that those opposed to the Zapatero
bourgeois government are "sectarians," "ultra-lefts," "bashers,"  etc.

Same goes for Lula, and those critical of his government.

It is statements like Walter's that really put  the truth to the so-called
"national revolutions" in the " third world."  The truth is that it's just another name for
a popular front.  And by any name that stinking rose would smell just as bad.

Sometimes I think if you just substitute Uncle Joe everyplace Walter writes Fidel, and
the Soviet Union for every place he writes Cuba you might mistake some of these writings
for excerpts from 1930s CP articles.

Whatever Fidel does or does not say about relations with the Church, this or the next pope, etc., it
does not change the material, property interests of the church.  And those interests are squarely 
against human emancipation.  Not just a little bit against, but totally against, so much so that the
Church winds up attacking the more expansive, open, "liberal" organization of that property that
might threaten its role, the size of its role, its position in the cartel on suffering.


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