[Marxism] A clarification on Peronism, Zionism and Socialism

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Thanks for the references.  I've read all of those, and more, and even better, Connolly's
works on Ireland.  I'm very clear on what they meant, and where I agree and disagree.

But the question is what do you mean by national revolutions in the third world?  National
and revolution being oxymoronic, in my opinion, in this era.  National being associated with
a quite specific form of property, class, organization which is more than obsolete. The basis
for the analysis of permanent revolution is in fact that that property organization, that national
relation has come into conflict with the overgrowth in the means of production so that the impulse
to economic expansion triggers a struggle that appears in its first manifestations as "national," or
"democratic," but becomes [because it is in essence], proletarian, international, anti-national.

Today, those struggles don't even appear as national, Venezuela being a case in point, but rather
directly as class struggles. 


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Sorry, very busy now.  

But I suggest you carefully read at the very least Lenin's 
_Imperialism_, Trotsky's _Permanent Revolution_, and Marx's writings 
on Ireland.

And this, just to stick to the basic classics.

If you can't glean out the answer to your question from a studious 
attention of those three books, then I am afraid I would be unable to 
shed any light on this matter, at least from your own point of view.

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