[Marxism] Re: Andy Coates re recrudensce Schiavo etc.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 9 10:05:03 MDT 2005

>Forgive me again for leaving you wiht the impression I did not appreciate 
>your fine article - as well as the daily garppling with capitalist debris 
>that it shows you engage in.
>With Sincere Apology,
>Hari K

I want to commend Hari for his follow-up to Andy. It represents exactly the 
tone and the openmindedness that everybody on this list should strive 
toward. It is also a symbol of how ideological background (Hari comes out 
of the Maoist movement and Andy was a Trotskyist) are not necessarily that 
useful when confronted by new social phenomena, such as the Schivao affair.

Louis Proyect
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