[Marxism] A clarification on Peronism, Zionism and Socialism

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Yes, I see that this is your problem.  But historic, social and
political developments must be observed in a dialectical way, that is
taking the whole as the explanation of the parts, and not the other
way round.  Until you can't see _this_, I would suggest you don't
attempt to probe deeper.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky


Thanks but no thanks. We all have to probe deeper.  Nothing you have
presented grapples with the essential problem, the subjugation of class
struggle inside a faux national struggle, which has really been the
shoals upon which " liberation" has beached itself.

Certainly in a war between imperialist Britain and fascist Brazil, or
military juntaist Argentina, "we" combat Britain.  But that really isn't
the issue when supposedly nationalist Brazil and Argentina are busy in
real time sending troops to suppress revolution in Haiti.

Lueko referred earlier to the great victory in the abolition of
apartheid, and indeed it is a victory, but it certainly wasn't achieved
by a class collaborationist national front.  It was achieved first and
foremost by the black African workers in SA, directly at the point of
production, and in their barracks, and in Soweto.

And the great victory has not, in the least, been secured, as a cursory
visit to Durban, Soweto, Joburg will show-- as the former apartheidist
military and police forces remain intact, but privatized, protecting the
white "suburbs," while the heart of Joburg is allowed, condemned to rot.

Meanwhile the material conditions of existence decline, accompanied, as
in every modern society, by segmentation, stratification of "oppressed
peoples," with the development of miniscule middle class, professional
strata of the formerly most downtrodded, advertised as an event
equivalent in historical stature to the abolition of slavery.  Enough to
gag a maggot, really, if you listen to it for too long.

It's my problem all right, and yours, and all of ours.  For in reality
there is no first world, third world, but only the world market of
capitalism.  Where all things are made equal and not.  Sometimes all at
once.  Now that is what makes up a real dialectic.


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