[Marxism] Re: A clarification on Peronism, Zionism, and socialism

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Apr 10 09:19:41 MDT 2005

R. Rubinelli wrote:
Indeed, JB is almost right when he says I liquidate the  national
struggle into the class struggle.  Except he's wrong.  It's not me. It's
the historical processes themselves, and those processes require not so
much the liquidation, but the supercession of the national struggle into
and by the class struggle.

The historical processes are such that everyone in the world who is
engaged in the class struggle at the present time is doing it wrong. The
task of theoretical thought is to straighten them all out.

Marx used to insist that Marxism started from the existing class
struggle, rather than proposals to replace the present class struggle
with a correct one known only to theorizers.  But the changes in
"historical processes" has made the class struggles Marx was talking
about all wrong, and obliges Rubinelli to transcend Marx.

Fortunately he is ready to take up the theoretical man's burden.
Fred Feldman

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