[Marxism] China & India - Border Issues & Permanent U.N. Security Council Seat

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India and China have signed an agreement in Delhi aimed at resolving a 
long-running dispute over their Himalayan border. India's national 
security adviser said it was "one of the most significant documents" 
signed by the two countries.

The agreement was sealed as Indian premier Manmohan Singh met visiting 
Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao.

The world's two most populous countries fought a bitter war over their 
largely unmarked border in 1962.
[On that occasion, an early edition of the NY Times proclaimed that 
India had attacked China. The next edition dropped that assertion and 
either said there was a long-standing dispute or implied that the 
technical aggressor was China.]

India's National Security Adviser MK Narayanan told Indian television 
that Indian and Chinese officials had worked out a roadmap for 
resolving the disputed 3,550km (2,200 mile) border. "It shows a lot of 
give and take on both sides," he said.
. . .
The joint statement by the two countries did not go into specifics on 
the issue, talking of "political parameters" and "guiding principles". 
However, China has now formally given up its claim to the state of 

The joint statement refers to "the Sikkim State of the Republic of 
India". Until now, China had never recognised India's 1975 annexation 
of Sikkim.

On the remaining issues of contention, the statement said "special 
representatives" would negotiate the issues, adding: "Both sides are 
convinced that an early settlement of the boundary question will 
advance the basic interests of the two countries."

Both sides have previously claimed the other is occupying parts of its 

While India has accused China of occupying territory in Kashmir, 
Beijing has laid claim to territory in the north-east Indian state of 
Arunachal Pradesh. However, analysts say the border differences have 
been played down in recent times as China and India developed a 
blossoming economic relationship.
. . .
China also reiterated its support for India to be given a permanent 
seat on the UN Security Council.

The Chinese premier is on the final leg of his first South Asian tour 
since taking office last March.

BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4431299.stm

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