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CC> Assuming that everything has a "good side" and a "bad
CC> side" is absurd, and has nothing to do with dialectics. First show by
CC> concrete historical analysis that the invasion has anything good
CC> about it before you start labelling things "dialectical" or
CC> "undialectical."

   Do away with the labels "good" and "bad". What this SWP text  
explains, according to what J. Callahan wrote about it, is that the  
war and occupation has consequences which were _not_ _intended_ by the  
US-Imperialists and which are in _contradiction_ to the imperialist  
goals of undisputed rule over the world.

   What US-imperialism wanted to achieve is a "representative  
democracy" with a passive population which is allowed to vote every  
four to five years, but which leaves all real decisions to those "who  
know better".

   The demonstration of Saturday showed something different.

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