[Marxism] Dialectics

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Apr 12 00:39:24 MDT 2005

Joaquín Bustelo wrote:

>It is gratifying to see that some people are able to keep such detached,
>above-the-battle, scientific objectivity. 

>But I would suggest this plea for dispassionate detachment is totally wasted
>among those of my ilk. Despite all the folderol about "scientific
>socialism," Marxism isn't a science, it is a *movement.* 

reading Lance Murdoch's post this evening (but not really understanding 
one iota of it), and then J's reply here, it occured to me that even in 
the sciences and technological arts, significant interesting work comes 
out of righteous disagreement between contending research groups. in my 
own research area and that of friends, i can think of  many examples of 
a project being taken on, or a paper being written, because of some 
infuriating remark or some unfounded conclusion appearing in print or at 
a conference.

under the hood, scientists are willing to mix it up. its the window 
dressing that requires this show of civility and objectivity. nothing, 
and i mean NOTHING, more stimulates the brain of us non-Einsteins to 
take up a hard, brain-twisting problem than a healthy dose of anger and 

i don't deny there is positive role played by J's "above-the-battle 
equanimity" as well, but that's for another discussion. free time is a 
wonderful preparation for a brain making ready to do battle with the 
conspiracy of appearances.

les schaffer

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