[Marxism] Pearl Harbor, etc.

double bluff mullah_omar at email.it
Tue Apr 12 03:35:03 MDT 2005

This has been the best debate on "conspiracies", marxism and social 
theory I've seen up to now.  Congratulations to all.  Just my 2 cents of 
1. The orthodox "marxist" position about "conspiracies" just posed by 
Lou (that marxists should be interested in something else) is debatable 
at the best, because marxists should consider at least possible, if not 
plausible, that a government (or specific sectors of the ruling class 
within the government, the military, and the business elite), might have 
the interest -or a vital need-, the opportunity and the capacity to make 
happen a 9-11.
Otherwise you are a liberal, that is, you believe in the goodness and 
trasparency of a demokratic gov't (that means to be much less realistic 
than a "tin foil hat conspiracist")
About the political relevance of 9-11 and of the political postures 
about it Bob has already said all making very good points.
2. I've seen some polls according which here in Europe about 70% of 
people believes that Us gov't is involved in some way in 9-11. In the Us 
less than 30% believes the same (but more than 50% of New Yorkers). So I 
can understand who prefer to accept the official story and speak about 
something else in the US.
3. Technically speaking, you know that US military use routinely a 
remote controlled aircraft called "predator". A couple of years ago I 
have seen an article about successful tests to implement its remote 
control systems on large commercial aircrafts.




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