[Marxism] "Illegal" Muslim teenagers accused of being "potential suicide bombers"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Apr 12 12:38:27 MDT 2005

The Nation	
Young and Arrested

04/12/2005 @ 10:16am  permalink
These days, arresting sixteen-year-old Muslim girls as would-be suicide
bombers passes for homeland security. On March 24, two such girls--one
born in Bangladesh, the other in Guinea, and both illegal immigrants
who'd lived in New York virtually their entire lives--were detained on
immigration violations and shipped to a detention center in Leesport,
Pennsylvania. According to a government document obtained by the New
York Times, the FBI claims the girls present "an imminent threat to the
security of the United States based upon evidence that they plan to be
suicide bombers." 

Following a disturbing post-9/11 trend, no evidence has been offered to
prove the bureau's claim. And, judging from law enforcement officials
quoted in the New York Post, there probably isn't any: "The arrests took
place after authorities decided it would be better to lock up the girls
than wait and see if they decided to become terrorists willing to die
for a cause." Does the Bush Administration's policy of pre-emption now
apply domestically as well? 

In the strange world of immigration law, detention is indefinite and
"the burden is on the girls to prove that they are not potential suicide
bombers, rather than on the government to prove they are," the Times
writes. Government officials in Washington and New York quoted
anonymously in the Times doubt the validity of the government's claims.
A closed bond hearing is scheduled for Thursday. 

In the meantime, the girls' shocked families and friends are realizing
just how far off the rocker America's antiterrorist policies have
fallen. The Bangladeshi girl, named Tashnuba Hyder, is described by
those close to her as religiously devout but politically moderate. "We
talked about what was going on in Palestine, suicide bombings, and I
know she's completely against it," says a 17-year-old friend. The girl
from Guinea, who's name has not been revealed, was well-liked and
socially integrated at Heritage high school in East Harlem. "She's about
the last person anyone could imagine being a suicide bomber," her
English teacher says. 

At this point, it's unclear whether the girls even knew each other
before the arrests. The FBI maintains they attended the same
fundamentalist mosque. But Tashnuba's mother says they met for the first
time at the immigration center in lower Manhattan, right before the
transfer to Pennsylvania. What began as a routine visit to Tashnuba's
household by two detectives in early March quickly transformed into a
national security emergency two weeks later. Neither girl has a lawyer.
Both could be deported--or worse, secretly convicted--at any time. 

"They've been arrested on immigration violations," a US Immigration and
Customs Enforcement spokesman finally told the New York Post. "Because
they're minors, we can't say anything else." Thus far, that hasn't
stopped the government from trampling on their rights. Being young and
Muslim may be their only offense.

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