[Marxism] No, the Posadistas in Cuba were not shot

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Wed Apr 13 06:22:30 MDT 2005

There was, a few years ago, (available in the archives here) an interesting 
disucssion involving, among others, Jose Perez, who researched this whole 
question for the SWP back in the 1970s.

To my knowledge, none of them were shot, and those that oppose Castro's actions 
against the POR don't make this claim either.

They existed legally for many years after January 1, 1959 and completed, 
sometimes succesfully, against July the 26 Movement-PSP-CCP, in the unions. 
Their advocacy of the "Cuban people marching on Guantanamo" was, apparentnly, 
the reason they were suppressed (including very long prison terms). Adolpho 
Gily in Mexico is the best known ex-PORistas still living.

There is an interesting issue of Revolutionary History magazine that covers the 
rise and fall of Cuban Trotskyism from 1930 through 1965.

When I was in Cuba in 1981, as part of a YSA delegation, we met with several 
former members of the POR who had been released from jail and were very active 
at the level of the CDR and unions, and still were loyal to Trotskyism as they 
understood it.

When we got back to NY, Barnes wanted the names and addresses of the people we 
met with. Those interviewed by Barnes refused, knowning full well what Barnes & 
Co. wanted to do with them....


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