[Marxism] Hands off Iran! US, Israel setting stage for an Israeli attack on Iran

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Apr 13 08:11:13 MDT 2005

I can certainly imagine why Iran might want to have nuclear weapons, and
I certainly believe they have as much right as Washington and Israel to
have nuclear weapons, but coming from these people -- what reason do we
believe that they are developing one, much less close to it?  

The US cried wolf in Iraq, complete with all kinds of aerial
photography.  There were no weapons, but they took the country on this
pretext and aren't about to let it go. And since Washington's position
is that Iran has no need and no right to a nuclear industry of any kind,
we have to assume that the fact that Iran definitely is seeking this
power source will be more than enough proof in the eyes of Washington.

Note carefully that, according to the Times, Sharon's argument is that
Iran is on the point of "LEARNING HOW" to make nuclear weapons.  This
reflects the long-standing argument of Washington that "enemy" countries
in the third world must not develop the "intellectual capacity" to make
weapon -- that is, they must be denied modern science and industry, and
education must not expand beyond a limited point. Otherwise they can be
attacked for aspiring to equality with the big boys.

And of course, the popular Arab response to an Israeli attack on Iran
would give the Israelis all kinds of pretexts to steal even more land
from the Palestinians -- if it could be kept under control.  Washington
is also clearly counting on the government led by the Shia elite in Iraq
will be neutral or quietly critical of an attack in order to earn its
stripes in preventing "turbulence."  Trying to do that would mean a very
sharp confrontation with the Sadrists, and beyond.

It's another big gamble for US imperialism and its settler-colonial ally
(and although the US is the dominant party, they are also like convicts
chained to a single cart -- ground lost by Israel in the struggle
against the Palestinians is ground lost by the United States. 

But I think we have to operate on the assumption that the gamble is very
likely to be taken, and start campaigning around "Hands off Iran!" as
well as "US-led troops out of Iraq!"
Fred Feldman

Sharon Asks U.S. to Pressure Iran to Give Up Its Nuclear Program
April 13, 2005 New York Times 
WASHINGTON, April 12 - Spreading photographs of Iranian nuclear sites
over a lunch table at the Bush ranch in Texas on Monday, Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon of Israel urged President Bush to step up pressure on Iran
to give up all elements of its nuclear program, according to senior
American and Israeli officials. 

Mr. Sharon said Israeli intelligence showed Iran was near "a point of no
return" in learning how to develop a weapon, the officials said.
However, Mr. Sharon gave no indication that Israel was preparing to act
alone to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, a prospect that Vice
President Dick Cheney, who was at the lunch, raised publicly three
months ago.

In a conversation lasting more than an hour, Mr. Sharon argued that
European nations negotiating with Iran were softening their position and
may be willing to allow it to hold on to technology to enrich uranium. 

American officials said the evidence Mr. Sharon presented, including
aerial photographs of sites in Iran, was neither startling nor new to
Mr. Bush. But they said the prime minister was clearly pressuring Mr.
Bush not to allow the European negotiations with Iran to drag on.

"The Israelis consider the Iranians a big threat and they saw this as
another opportunity to convey that to the president," an American
official said. But among American experts familiar with the latest
Israeli imagery, the official added, "no one thinks this was
earth-shattering stuff."


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