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On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 08:57 -0400, dwalters at marxists.org wrote:
> I appreciate Louis' post on housing on this list. It's an issue not often 
> discussed at this level (the personal) and is usually left as an abstraction 
> (as in "houseing for all"). The post could be the start of an
> interesting 
> discussion.

I live in a ex double-decker city house in a northeastern city that we
got in the late 80's for less than $50,000. Recently our mortgage bank
informed us that for second mortgage purposes the property was worth
more than $150,000.

While our section of upstate NY has not seen the greatest expansion of
"hallucinated"(in JH Kunstler's phrase) real estate wealth, there are
signs lately that the boom is manifesting itself here, particularly
around Saratoga. which is one of the fastest growing counties in the

I think that it is obvious that all this affects worker's consciousness.

Union white workers often buy several houses to rent as side income.
They become landlords.

Young white workers find themselves buying high in the far suburbs. They
face the issues of high energy prices most directly as they attempt to
make those long commutes.

Black workers and immigrant workers buy in the city neighborhoods. As do
a few counter cultural and radical types. Conflicts over urban crime and
police brutality go with this territory.

 In my town, we are now seeing serious money coming in to buy the old
downtown brownstones which will be snapped up by rich down staters.
Resentments will surface over these wealthy "outsiders" taking over.

As we head down the back slope of peak oil, with soaring transport and
heating costs, I see the above noted young mainly white workers hardest
hit. The expectations they inherited from their parents will be cruelly
dashed. Stranded in the suburbs, they will look for answers, and for

Jon Flanders

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