[Marxism] Jim Craven responds to Hari Kumar

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Apr 14 12:46:29 MDT 2005

>It's hard to miss the irony of this disclaimer, since all of Barbara 
>Hudson's disclaimers proved futile in protecting her extramural First 
>Amendment activity from the chairman's exercise of state power. I hope he 
>never has to face the blowback of his success in the US courts, but he 
>should remember that the Washington attorney general won't be on his side 
>if chickens come home to roost.
>Stuart Lawrence

Actually, Jim Craven has had nothing but grief from the Clark College 
administration since he has been there. He was a Ward Churchill way back 
when. In a way, it is sort of jarring to see him represented in this thread 
as some kind of local version of David Horowitz. I wonder if this is what 
happens when you become a Department Chair (I was amused to see him 
represented as Dr. Craven on the law record write-up. Jim practically has a 
principle about not getting a PhD.)

My wife, who has become an adjunct professor at 2 NYC colleges, read the 
material that went back and forth. She is about as radical as they come but 
she said that she would have *not* taken her class on a field-trip to an 
anti-WTO protest. It would have been awkward for students who did not 
necessarily lean that way politically.

The notion that this is supposed to be some kind of landmark legal decision 
seems silly to me. I suspect that if Jim had not been a long-time 
Marxmailer and PEN-L'er, it never would have come up.

At any rate, since this issue would seem to require a deeper knowledge of 
local Clark academic politics that none of us have, I'd urge us to move on 
to other topics since we are already beginning to repeat ourselves.



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