[Marxism] John Brown, abolitionist

kersplebedeb info at kersplebedeb.com
Sun Apr 17 09:32:19 MDT 2005

This strikes me as unfair - within the entire review there are a total 
of two paragraphs critical of Brown - and even then they are clearly 
sympathetically critical. I read no charge of Brown being excessively 
violent, rather i read Ehrenreich agreeing with Reynolds argument that 
Brown's violence was emasures, selective, and justified.
Were you reading the same review i was?
Indeed, I find Brown being put in the same company as Nader by yourself 
to be more demeaning than anything Ehrenreich had to say about him!

Louis Proyect wrote:

> (Midway through this review of a new book that puts John Brown in a 
> positive light, I found myself growing disgusted with the reviewer's 
> attempt to sully Brown's reputation using old charges about him being 
> excessively violent, etc. That's an old ploy of the Times, to assign 
> hostile reviewers to leftist books, which this one is obviously. So 
> who is the reviewer? None other than Barbara Ehrenreich, who was one 
> of the featured speakers at the opening plenary of the Left Forum 
> conference. Ehrenreich expended lots of energy last year smearing 
> another extremist, Ralph Nader.)

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