[Marxism] John Brown, abolitionist

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Apr 17 11:11:29 MDT 2005

I have not had the opportunity to read this book, but ordered a copy as
soon as I saw this review circulating.  In part, I'm very pleased that
the book seems to jibe so well with the arguments I'm making in a
project of my own on John Brown's followers, a number of whom had
politics that would have put them right on this list.

More generally, David S. Reynolds is an old friend from Chicago who
pursues interesting subjects in an original way.  He does American
literary history without the faddism that seems to afflict that field
like leprosy.  While most of that field was jerking around with
postmodernism, Reynolds published a series of books I'd recommend,
including a solid biography of Walt Whitman, a study of the context for
the "American Renaissance," and a fine biography of and collection of
radical political essays by George Lippard (1822-1854), the founder of
the Brotherhood of the Union, an important forerunner of the Knights of

Anything Dave Reynolds has to say on John Brown will be worth reading.
As I say, I've ordered a copy as soon as I saw that there was such a

Mark L.

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