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Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Mon Apr 18 06:21:15 MDT 2005

The current president of Ecuador has links with the Roldosista party.

I forgot to comment some trifle details on Roldós:

On november 11, 1979, he instituted a 40 hours working week. Ten days 
earlier he had given a dramatic rise to minimum wages.

I repeat:  both Bucaram and Gutiérrez are linked with this party.  Of 
course, they may well have betrayed the paty.  But even in this case, 
which cannot be ruled out at all, if the current movement in Ecuador 
is, as I am prone to believe, a typical "high class plus petty 
bourgeoisie" revolt, on line with events such as the Orange 
Revolution, etc., and other similar movements in the past, then 
Gutiérrez is not under attack for all his bad things, he is under 
attack for his good things.

In Argentina, Isabel Perón was running a most corrupt and quite 
criminal regime in 1975.  Almost everybody wanted her to resign.  
Only a few members of the Peronist party, we in the Frente de 
Izquierda Popular, the Revolutionary Communist Party (Maoists) and 
the great -silent- masses wanted her to remain in the government for 
the full presidential period.  We knew that if Isabel resigned, or if 
her government fell, industrial Argentina would be the next target of 
the winners.  It is quite interesting to know, as I recently did, 
that this woman knew this:  "It is not me who they want,"  she told 
to one of her supporters in the weeks before she was overthrown.  
"They want to tear down the chimneys of the factories".

And she, the sorry woman who had received the explosive and 
unmanageable heritage of Perón, had more consciousness of the actual 
meaning of the accusations against her than the most illuminated 
"leftists" around.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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