[Marxism] More on Roldosismo

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 18 09:45:06 MDT 2005

I feel so much better, now that I can go back to disagreeing with Mr. Gorojovsky.

Indeed the situation in Ecuador is complicated, but whatever one thinks of the 
"class composition" of the revolt (and I have to ask Mr. Gorojovsky, does he
think the masses in Ecuador are being stupid, or simply are stupid?), clarity
can only be provided by some sort of movement, organization, program of workers
and poor that is separate and apart from Bucaram and Gutierrez.

That's the critical element.  When Mr. Gorojovsky refers to the "great silent
masses" who wanted Isabel Peron to stay in power,  a critical point is missed:

There was absolutely no way Isabel Peron could stay in power.  That government
had to go.  The only question was how, who, what would replace it.  The great silent
masses is more aptly described as the great silenced masses.  The situation was
not qualitatively different than that of the Chilean workers under Allende. The terms
of class struggle dictated that Allende must go.  Allegiance to his program at the
expense of independent organization of workers outside allegiance to the popular front
made Pinochet's coup successful.  

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