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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 19 13:35:24 MDT 2005

Young US Activist and Aid Worker Killed with Three Others in Iraq

Baghdad, April 18 (RHC)- A 28-year old US activist and aid
worker was killed along with her driver and two others over
the weekend when a car bomb exploded in Baghdad as they
were driving past.

Marla Ruzicka, from California, had been working in Iraq
since the 2003 invasion to help the families of those
killed or injured. She had managed to effectively set up a
one-woman aid agency with money acquired through donations
in the US - including federal funds of $20 million.

Medea Benjamin of the San Francisco based Global Exchange,
said that the death of Marla was a "tragic irony that
somebody who devoted her life to helping the victims of war
would herself become a victim of war." Ruzicka worked as an
intern for Global Exchange some 10 years ago.

Marla Ruzicka founded the Campaign for Innocent Victims in
Conflict, or CIVIC. She was able to obtain federal funding
through sheer strength of character, said US Senator
Patrick Leahy. Her mother stated that she would remember
her daughter through the "love she spread around the world
and the good ambassador that she was for her country."

The young California activist was in Iraq with the anti-war
group Code Pink when the US and UK invaded. She chose to

Jodi Evans who co-founded Code Pink said that Marla felt
she would be more effective staying in Iraq. She tried to
get as much media coverage of the civilian casualty list
which grew and grew and until only recently went unreported
in the US mainstream press. The figure of civilian killed
since the attack began in 2003 stands at over 100,000.

Marla Ruzicka was a strong supporter of Cuban sovereignty
and condemned the US blockade against the island which she
was able to visit during her short life.

(A young activist was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq
yesterday. While the loss of life is tragic, it would
appear that Marla Ruzicka lost track of the political tasks
facing people of conscience and got side-tracked into
"do-good" projects.)

The Washington Post, August 23, 2004:

Two years ago, a young activist named Marla Ruzicka sat in
a Senate hearing room listening to Defense Secretary Donald
H. Rumsfeld testify about the war in Afghanistan. She had
come to Washington to try to urge greater U.S. attention to
civilian casualties in that war, and Rumsfeld barely
touched on the topic.

Ruzicka, then 25, had already forged a reputation in
leftist circles. She once had disrupted a speech on AIDS by
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell. Another time, she was
hauled off by police after she ripped off a sarong -- which
inside had a protest statement -- during a speech by
then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

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