[Marxism] "Ratzinger was a Nazi youth" issue is a red herring

Intense Red intnsred at socialismonline.us
Wed Apr 20 07:51:42 MDT 2005

 > It seems fair to point out that these are standards are way too high for
 > a mere Pope.

   I can agree with that.  But the fact that one does not meet the standards 
of the idealized Jesus is one thing.  It's another thing to make a person 
Pope who one can argue counters those idealized values.

   As much as one can knock John Paul, at least he fit into the mythology that 
the Catholic church paints: the anti-communist, atheism-objecting,  
freedom-loving, kind guy, ad nauseum.  (Hey, it's not much, but look, I did 
say something nice about the dead guy.:-)

   The fact that the cardinals chose Rat as pope doesn't come close to fitting 
into one of those God-blessed mythological constructs.  I'm sure there's 
propagandists hard at work today to bend things to construct some honorable 
hero myth for him, but in reality he's an appalling selection.  What were 
those cardinals thinking?!

   As someone here said, I think the only good thing that can be said for the 
selection of Cardinal Rat is that he'll help speed the decline of the 
Catholic Church.

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