[Marxism] more on the "automatic" generation of scientific papers

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Apr 21 13:21:45 MDT 2005

Mark Lause wrote:

>This is all systematic.  The new technology makes it easier for everyone
>to cheat...all the way up the hierarchy.

and not just cheat. there is a whole spectrum of disorders.

back in the early 80's many physics departments started using TeX, a 
type-setting program developed by CS professor Donald Knuth at Stanford. 
Using TeX, one could easily create camera-ready copy complete with 
gorgeously typeset equations, bibliography, and Postscript plots 
inserted directly into text. i have a hunch if we could plot papers/year 
vs year, we'd see a spike a year or two after Knuth's application became 

you betcha, the MIT hoax was written using TeX:


yet with all the publish, we still can't get rid of the perish. 
university faculty slots are drying up while university research is more 
and more entrained into the ways of the business world (well, as Mark 
says, it IS systematic).

[lest i be misunderstood, i think TeX is the greatest thing since sliced 
bread and use it all the time.]

>It's a going-along-to-get-along business.  I'm not surprised anyone
>would want to impersonate university people.  Indeed, maybe if they're
>good enough, they might get hired to run the place!

of course, things are not so different in the business world.

les schaffer

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