[Marxism] New Pope hated 60's campus activism

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Sun Apr 24 10:50:40 MDT 2005

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005 09:21:23 -0400 Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> writes:
> NY Times, April 24, 2005
> Turbulence on Campus in 60's Hardened Views of Future Pope
> TÜBINGEN, Germany, April 23 - For all Pope Benedict XVI's decades as 
> a 
> Vatican insider, it may have been the crucible of a university town 
> swept 
> by student radicalism in the late 1960's that definitively shaped 
> the man 
> who now leads the Roman Catholic Church.

This would appear to make Ratzinger much like the original
neocons in the US, many of who were liberals or social
democrats until the late 1960s, when they were facing
the student movement.  Its also a bit reminiscent of
the 19th century pope, Pius IX (Pio Nono) who began
his pontificate in the 1840s as a liberal reformer, but
then swung sharply to the right, in response to the
revolutionary unrest of 1848.  Even in his rhetoric 
denouncing relativism, Marxism, atheism, the
new Pope comes across
as a bit reminiscent of Pio Nono with his
famous (or infamous)  Syllabus of Errors,
in which he proclaimed among other
things that, "The Roman Pontiff can,
 and ought to, reconcile himself, 
and come to terms with progress, 
liberalism and modern civilization."

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