[Marxism] The looting of Mesopotamia

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Mon Apr 25 07:29:14 MDT 2005

The lead elements and another section are an outrageous lie and an 
egregious example of blaming the victim.

Despite intense and excited warnings by archaeologists to the invading 
U.S. army and its allies, the conquering army did nothing to stop the 
looting these important elements of the history of one of the oldest 
and continuing settlements of humankind.

This is so well-documented that one must conclude that the author left 
it out in order to curry favor with the U.S. occupation army.

However, it does present a picture of the on-going problem and is worth 
looking at for that.

History lost in dust of war-torn Iraq
By Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly
Independent archaeologist and journalist

It is two years since looters ravaged one of the world's most important 
museums, in central Baghdad.

Saddam Hussein's power had collapsed and the newly arrived US-led 
coalition forces were unable to prevent a crime against history.

Professional smugglers connected to the international antiquities mafia 
managed to break some of the sealed doors of the Baghdad Museum storage 
. . .
But the looters have destroyed the monuments of their own ancestors, 
erasing their own history in a tireless search for a cylinder seal, a 
sculpture or a cuneiform tablet that they can sell to a dealer for a 
few dollars.
. . .
Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly is an independent archaeologist and journalist 
covering the Middle East, who has been studying Iraqi heritage for the 
last seven years.


from Brian Shannon

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