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I enjoy Luko's posts as a rule.  But I disagree with him on
this one.  I accept, though, his argument that there was
hardly any alternative for the young Ratzinger when it came
to the Hitlerjugend.

His desertion is significant too.

But what is at stake with Ratzinger's is not really the
rotten beginning he made, but his trajectory.  That took him
into the Office of the Inquisition where he was vicious
towards liberals.  And now as a reward he has ended up as
Pope for crissakes.  Do we need to say more?



Response: Jim C Although Ratzo, like many other children, was undoubtedly 
channeled into the Hitler Jugend through peer and general social pressure, 
it should be noted that not all children were members of the Hitler Jugend 
(your family had to apply and your "racial profile" was checked along with 
recommendations from teachers etc) and further, certainly not all received 
"honors" badges while in the Hitler Jugend. Further, on the matter of 
desertion, there is a big difference between "deserting" prior to arriving 
in a combat area (for ideological reasons or even to avoid combat) and 
being a deserter while in a combat area (thus leaving your fellow soldiers 
in the lurch or with greater burdens on them) in order to get captured by 
the "right side" of the enemy forces. Those who have been in the military 
(ask Stan Goff about this) and particularly who have been in combat, know 
there is a big difference (on those who remain) between someone who is a 
deserter, perhaps from extreme trauma, who deserts to avoid--and prior to-- 
"going back" and those who desert while in combat figuring their skins are 
somehow more precious than those they have left; Ratzo deserted from active 
combat areas leaving fellow troops to save their own skins.

But this is not all of it with this guy. For example, both CIA asset JP II 
and Ratzo pushed through the accelerated beatification of the founder of 
Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, an open supporter of Mussolini and 
fascism and later an admirer of Hitler. This Opus Dei is an extremely ugly, 
proto-fascistic, ultra-dogmatic, secret, restricted and extremely 
powerful/connected cult in the Catholic Church. One of its most influencial 
parishes, an Opus Dei Church, is St. Catherine of Siena in Virginia, that 
includes such luminaries as Scalia, Thomas, many upper-level CIA, two 
former FBI-Directors (and once Soviet mole in the FBI Robert Hanssen). 
These are some extremely fascistic types that have a plan--which includes 
Opus Dei control and doctrinal/political influence at the highest levels of 
the Catholic Church.

It is interesting to note that although JPII and Ratzo are on record 
telling priests and nuns that their "only work" is to be spiritual and not 
for secular change, Opus Dei has a doctrine of "living Christlike" that 
includes (along with whips-n-chains, S&M, bondage stuff to imitate the 
"sufferings and wounds of Christ") a notion of imperative to make contacts 
with, convert, reach out to and heavily influence those in positions of 
socioeconomic-political power even if they are non-Catholics.

Jim C.

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