[Marxism] Re: Gallipoli - Anzad

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Mon Apr 25 22:12:41 MDT 2005

I've been trying to think of an analogy. It may appear rather strained, 
but there may be some apt comparisons.

No group is more patriotic than American Indians or at least prouder of 
being warriors for the United States.

They may be saying that even though the U.S. took away our land and 
conquered us, they succeeded because they had more modern weapons and 
there were more of them. It is a shame on them--not on us. We stand 
tall and show them how real warriors fight. It is a statement of 
courage in the face of a loss.

But how could that possibly compare to Australia and New Zealand, where 
those who were sacrificed at Gallipoli were the sons of white 

I don't think the comparison is that strained. You, the English along 
with our complicit leaders, have used us for your aims. However, we are 
showing you that we still stand tall. It was a qualified defeat for the 
British Empire, but not for us as a people. The failure is yours, not 
ours. We succeeded in spite of the failures of those who claimed to be 
able to lead us because we showed courage without wavering.

Southerners in our Civil War share some of the same psychology. They 
lost and in an ignoble cause, but they have to take something out of 
it--their courage.

Of course, the Indian struggle was not ignoble, but I'm suggesting that 
there is a similarity in taking something out of defeat.

Brian Shannon

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